Artist Bio

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 Tiana Mone’e Scott was born in Fort Bragg North Carolina in an Army Base. Soon after she
moved to Brooklyn, New York a place that has been a home to urban flavor with artist flare. Art and Animation always surrounded her and filled her imagination , from the graffiti on the trains, paintings at the Brooklyn Museum, to the Saturday Morning Cartoons she watched devotedly every weekend.

Tiana always wanted to be an artist since she was 4 years old. Drawing on anything she
could get her hands on. She used maple syrup to draw on pancakes for breakfast and for dinner made french fries into a hideous bleeding dinosaur who just won a fight against the hamburger space aliens. She continued to strive towards art by being constantly influence by the people and art around her.

Tiana could not be in the world of animation, she would have no purpose in life. Animation to
her has always been a way for her to escape the problems of the world and allow herself to dive into her sea of imagination, and to the imagination of others. The emotions that animation evokes can help heal your heart and at the same time break it, and with a medium that powerful, and a heart like hers, she cannot and will not be anything else in the world but an Animator.
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